"The future of surgery is not about blood and guts; the future of surgery is about bits and bytes.”
/Dr. Richard Satava/

Friday, May 28, 2010

ICRA WS on Snakes, Worms and Catheters

Continuum robots probably represent the most quickly advancing field of surgical robotics. This year, at IEEE ICRA, beyond the many general talks addressing related research, a full day workshop was organized--Snakes, Worms and Catheters: Continuum and Serpentine Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery --with invited lectures from the most prominent labs:
In addition, several posters were on exhibit. The proceedings of the workshop is available for download (both the abstracts for the presentations and the posters).

Related news is that a new catheter guiding robot has made it to clinical use (from Catheter Robotics Inc). Read more about it at MedGadget.

Also, CardioArm, the snake robot from Cardiorobotics is planned to get through preliminary clinical trials by this time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer School on Surgical Robotics

To continue the great tradition of having a CIS summer school every other year in the US, anti-parallel to the one in Montpellier, Dr. Hannaford has released the call for participation. If you missed the first edition January 2009 at Hopkins, you can still catch up via the MRCIIS website.
2010 North American Summer School in Surgical Robotics and Simulation

"This event will invite about 50 early-career researchers, primarily doctoral students, to a 5 day intensive series of 90 minute tutorial lectures, hands-on labs, and informal interactions designed to rapidly bring them up to the state of the art in this rapidly expanding field. Students accepted at the school will attend all five days and learn from an international faculty specially recruited for the event.
Pending full sponsorship, it is expected that all students will receive scholarships for tuition, lodging, and meals.

Dates: 23-27 August, 2010 Location: Seattle Washington.
Elligibility: There will be an application process designed to select the students most likely to benefit from the school and to ensure a diverse and stimulating mix of backgrounds and expertise.

Click here to view the preliminary schedule."

See the homepage of the event for more details!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

ICRA WS on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems

At the annual ICRA conferences, there is more and more emphasis put on surgical technologies. This year, many sessions and presentations dealt with the topic. An outstanding program was the Workshop on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems, organized by Blake Hannaford and Ron Alterovitz.
“The goal of the workshop was to expose and explore current research issues in advanced medical systems in which computation is intimately coupled to physical systems and humans. The integration of computation with physical systems has the potential to improve speed, precision, and dexterity during robot-assisted surgery as well as enable new medical procedures. It focused on both computation to improve the planning, control, and effectiveness of these systems as well as new devices and hardware that enable more dexterity and better sensing.” The impressive list of lecturers together with the abstracts can be found on the workshop’s website.
Theme 1: Surgical Systems