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Updates on Auris' early clinical use

Recently, the first reports appeared on AURIS' Monarch early clinical use in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery: "Robotic Endoscopic Airway Challenge: REACH Assessment" by Alexander C.Chen and Colin T.Gillespie: "Purpose   Bronchoscopy for peripheral pulmonary lesions continues to present challenges to clinicians. One potential limitation may be the inability to advance conventional bronchoscopes into close proximity of peripheral lesions prior to biopsy. This study was performed to assess the reach of a robotic endoscopic system within human cadaveric lungs compared to conventional thin bronchoscopes. Description   All segmental bronchi (RB1-10, LB1-10) were accessed in two human cadavers using a conventional thin bronchoscope and robotic endoscope of identical outer diameter. Bronchus generation count and insertion depth measured by electromagnetic navigation and external fluoroscopy were recorded. Evaluation  The robotic endoscope was advanced beyond the conventiona…

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