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Survey for MIS grant proposal

Happy Holidays!

CIS news

Shanghai Lectures

The i-Snake robot

The iSYS robot at RSNA

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European Robotics Week

Rehabilitation robotics for SPI patients

SYMBIS Surgical System - the new MR compatible robotic neurosurgery platform

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Biorobotics lab at SNU

New free 3D anatomy software

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Classification guidelines for medical and non-medical robots

IROS workshop on robot safety

AIIM Special Issue on Telesurgery

Surgical robots in Asia

Space surgery possible with zero-gravity tool

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Advanced clinical, research and training tools for IGS from UQueens

Shanghai Lectures have returned

New Japanese robot from Olympus

NEAR lab at Polimi

J AIIM special issue--deadline extension

The Indian MAXIO system

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ISO/IEC JWG for medical robot safety standards