The Haptic Exploration Laboratory at JHU

The Haptic Exploration Laboratory works with both robotic haptics and human-machine haptic interfaces. In the area of robotic haptics, they enable robots to explore the world through touch, using specialized robotic fingers and sensors and the appropriate planning and control. They are developing new finger designs and algorithms for autonomous and teleoperated haptic exploration. In the area of human-machine haptic interfaces, haptic interfaces are used to add the sense of touch to virtual and teleoperated environments. By creating physically-based mathematical models of interactions in real environments, they can enhance the realism of virtual environments. In addition, haptic feedback and active augmentation modes can improve the performance of robotic assistants in tele- and cooperative manipulation. These systems are evaluated using control theoretic and experimental approaches. This research has applications in many areas, including computer-assisted and simulated surgery, autonomous exploration of hazardous or remote environments, undersea salvage, enabling technologies, and manufacturing and design. Sponsors of their work include NSF, NIH and the Whitaker Foundation. The lab director is Dr. Allison Okamura.
/ Source: Haptics site/


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