Journal Club

In December the Lab decided to found a Journal Club at the ERC, so we can help each other to stay updated with the current professional journals. There is a couple of CIS related periodicals and journals assigned to the people. (The thematic list is here.) Every week a different group presents the most important and interesting articles in their journals. The firsts were Caitlin and Carmen, with the linked papers from the Journal of Biomedical Engineering and from IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. It was interesting to hear about a Russian group describing the same physio-therapy (weigth-bath) that was invented 50 years ago by Károly Moll. (In fact, the scientific background of the cure was extensively studied recently in Hungary. See this article for details, or this Hungarian page.)
The other feature of the club is that people have to present once a month an important or relevant paper in 15 minutes. Balázs gave the first talk on the single most important comparison paper of computational stereo (finding corresponding image features). The title of the article is A Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Two-Frame Stereo Correspondence Algorithms. It evaluates 20 different methods and gives detailed analysis to each technique.
For further CIS materials, I also recommend to visit the Lab seminars' page from last semester.


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