Urology Robotics (URobotics) Lab

URobotics is a research and education program and lab dedicated to advance the technology used in Urology. The main focus of the lab has been in the development of robots for real-time Image-Guided Interventions under the directorate of Prof. Dan Stoianovici. The application range of the lab technologies extends behind the Urology field to other medical specialties (Interventional Radiology), education, and industry. They are involved in the development of both MRI, X-Ray and US guided mechatronic devices. They have built a completely MRI compatible and fully-actuated robot for easy access to the prostate.
They also have extensive experience in performing telementoring and telesurgical applications between the facility and various hospitals around the world. Four ISDN lines are typically used for the bidirectional audio-video connection and the control of instrumentation and robotics. Depending on the application remote control is performed for various laparoscopy instruments, the robotic laparoscope manipulator (Lap Driver), or image-guided robots (PAKY-RCM).


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