Further materials on the web

To begin reading on surgical robotics, I do recommend to take a look at the Brown University Robotic Surgery Lab's website (pic). It is regularly updates, and goes through not only the history of the surgical robots, but also the different types of treatments, procedures. The authors collected interesting statistics and made a couple of interviews with surgeons using the da Vinci.
Probably the most complete list of ongoing projects can be found at the Heidelberg University's page. The MEdical RObotics DAtabase lists almost all research initiatives with available data. Another extensive list on the major systems is at CAIAC.
The best coverage on the news of robotic surgery is given by the Medgadget blog. The enthusiastic team of professional and amateur writers post about every kind of technology in health care from genetic engineering techniques to defibrillators.
If you are looking for materials that goes deeper into the topic, it's recommended to visit the Summer European Universities on Surgical Robotics homepages at the LIRMM. All the presentations are free to download, under School materials.
Naturally, several labs and research institutes publish results and scientific materials, the easiest is to Google for them. Finally, the medical publication databases, such as the PubMed or the Medscape can help you find a paper of interest. The new ScienceRoll search engine integrates all these, and many more.
Further suggestions for readings are welcome!


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