Diploma thesis

I have not posted in a long while, but I had a good reason for that: I was busy with my diploma thesis (for MS BME). It contains the up-to-date results of our research; therefore some readers might be interested in it. I made it available here.
The diploma thesis consists of five major parts. Chapter 1 gives an introduction to surgical robotics, reviewing the basic definitions and classification principles of the area. It features an extensive list of past and present neurosurgical systems based on my literature research. The most important systems are presented in detail. Chapter 2 introduces the JHU neurosurgical robot system I have been working on, giving a detailed description of the components, their capabilities and the software environment. Besides testing the existing system and learning about it, my task was from the very beginning to identify the main sources of errors in the setup, and individually find solutions fixing and improving them. Chapter 3 contains the list of errors and sources of problems identified allowing further development of the system. Major sources of errors are inspected individually, and measurements are documented. Chapter 4 contains the theoretical and numerical results of my project, introducing and evaluating the developed solutions for the improvement of robot calibration, control precision and adaptation to the changing operating room (OR) environment. Finally, the conclusion and future directions of the work can be found at the end. The research continues with the aim of producing a clinically validated surgical instrument with serious market potential.


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