NJSZT RobotDay

The John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT) is "dedicated to preserve values that can be included in today’s knowledge-based society as well as to setting new directions that meet the requirements of the age and to actively forming the ICT Society the future". In 2007 finally a Robotics Society was founded within NJSZT to collect, represent and promote the different robotics related R&D projects and people in Hungary. This semester, they organized the first RobotDay that was a symposium and exhibition combined (in Hungarian).
As it was expectable, I was the only one presenting about surgical robotics (giving a general introduction), however, many other interesting robots were shown. Some Hungarian high-school teams developed pretty impressive skills in building and programming the LEGO Mindstorms NXT sets. They got good result in international championships as well. Another team entered the RoboCup competition with different legged and wheeled robots. They won awards with their dancing RoboNova humanoids. Another interesting project is the privately build Simon robot, that will be a good developing platform one day; and the Sphere robot built by two undergrads.


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