MRCIIS – winter scool on surgical robotics

The Center for Computer-integrated Surgical Systems and Technology (CISST ERC) organized a unique event back in January 2009 for young professionals and PhD students. The MRCIIS (Medical Robotics and Computer-Integrated Interventional Systems) was a week-long winter school on advanced medical technologies. It was co-organized with the celebration and Graduation Event of the 10-year-old CISST center at the Johns Hopkins University. 35 graduate students and professionals took part in the program from 7 countries to be given coverage on the most recent technological advancements in CIS, to take a close-up look on cutting-edge research projects and a hands-on experience with some of the most amazing robots.
The first day was the celebration of the ERC jubilee, with great overview talks on the achievements of the center, and the rest of the week was covered busy with lectures and tutorials. Most of the presentations are available online at the MRCIIS’ site, and also linked below.

The topic of the first day’s session was Surgical CAD/CAM: on procedures performed based on preoperative plans or image guidance, including a talk about:
Interactive Surgery and Surgical Assistant Systems was covered the following day, focusing on systems for telesurgery, microsurgery, and similar procedures:
Within the theme Practicalities, the unusual constraints that surround research in medical robotics and computer-integrated interventional medicine was discussed:
Friday was devoted to tutorials:s
In the afternoons, a special course of Hopkins' Surgery for Engineers program was held for the participants, led by Dr. Mike Marohn.
Student could also present their own work at the poster sessions before dinner. After the meals, there was still another talk to listen to, featuring James Handa on the I4M eye surgery project, Clif Burdette on medical product development procedures and Greg Hager on the language of surgery. At the end, a mini-symposium was held with over a dozen of short presentations on various CIS project. A special CIS late-birthday cake was also presented to Dr. Taylor, acknowledging his tireless efforts invested in the creation and direction of the ERC center.


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