A brief overview of the upcoming deadlines for conferences:
- Biosignals and Biorobotics is still accepting papers aimed for Vitoria, Brazil in January 2010.
- So does the International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing (Valencia, Spain, January 2010)
- The good old ICRA will take place in Anchorage next year, with only 3 weeks remaining until the submission deadline.

If you are looking for a close scientific meeting to attend, check out
- IEEE EMBC, 2-6. September, Minneapolis, USA (meet you there!)
- World Congress, 7-12. September, Munich, Germany
- MICCAI, 20-24. September, London, UK (meet you there!)
- SMIT, 7-9. October, Sinaia, Romania (meet you there!)
- IEEE IROS, 11-15. October, St. Louis, USA

Also, look for the online materials of the 4th Summer School on Surgical Robotics in Montpellier!


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