The VESALIUS Robot of KULeuven

The Belgian university built its own da Vinci like robot:
"The VESALIUS Robot is the first surgical robot which is 100% designed, built and owned by K.U.Leuven. Its goal is to provide accuracy, dexterity, stability and safety in laparoscopic CO2 laser ablation. In addition, thanks to its patent-pending Adjustable Remote Center of Motion (ARCM) mechanism and its modular design, VESALIUS as it is now can already provide the functions as a laparoscope holder robot. With additional R&D in MEMS, HMI, image processing, ergonomics, force feedback, biosensors, image sensors, surgical integration etc., the VESALIUS Robot platform can be easily customized, upgraded and transformed to implement all other potential robot aided MIS procedures." It's more interesting to see their vision for 2020:
  • Medical robots will be affordable to every people in need
  • Medical robots will become standard equipment in every hospital
  • Medical robots will improve accuracy, speed, dexterity and safety to surgery compared to manual techniques
  • Medical robots will reduce the learning curve in acquiring surgical skills
  • Medical robots will cut down the waiting queue for surgery
  • Medical robots will reduce the public healthcare cost
  • Medical robots will upgrade the life quality of medical professionals
Seems like medical robotcs will save the world after all. Let us see!
Read more about Vesalius robot here.


Update: Video about the robot and a newer article


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