Surgical robotics conferences and meetings

Stanford Medical Innovation Conference on Medical Robotics was organized earlier this month by the Stanford Student Biodesign & Biopharma (SSB) at the James H. Clark Center, Stanford University.
"The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for today’s entrepreneurs and intellectuals to come together and discuss the past, present, and most importantly the future of medical and surgical automation."
Speakers included:
Read some more about the event at the Everything Robotics blog.

A bit back in time, July 2009 the congressional caucus on robotics had a briefing on Medical and Healthcare Robotics. In addition to the invited talks, a number of demonstrations were available from MIT, JHU and CMU. Some pictures of the event and also video coverage.
Speakers included:
Next week it's the annual IEEE ICRA conference with loads of presentation on surgical robotics. Stay tooned!


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