UTwente cyber-OR program

Developing the Operating Room of the future has been a major focus of CIS research in many countries. Engineers at University of Twente are developing futuristic OR concepts along with a new generation of surgical robots. “It has three components: a “cockpit” (controller), which is where the surgeon sits, the instruments that manipulate tissue, and the electro-mechanical connector between the two. UTwente focuses on the platform: the cockpit and the connector, named TeleFLEX. The tools---specifically designed for NOTES procedures---are provided by Storz. The University of Twente is one of the first ten institutions to receive these instrument.” A sweet video animation shows the idea of having an exo-skeleton-like human-machine interface to control the multiple degrees of freedom of the continuum robot. They are also investigating methods to endoscope control by head movements applied to MIS.


Da Vinci said…
Hi, This article is very interesting. Do you know if there are images of some operating room of the future? Or New operating room studied for robot Da vinci?
T. said…
DARPA supported a couple of projects wihtin the OR of the future theme (http://www.sri.com/news/releases/03-28-05.html). Also, there are some centers of excellence, such as http://www.cimit.org/programs-operatingroom.html .

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