CIS & Interventional Robotics for Tutorial at ICABB

I'm happy to be the co-organizer of this promising event with Dr. Fichtinger. Location: ICABB conference, Venice, 12. October 2010. All people interested are welcome!
"An important aim is to help the ICABB participants recognize imminent opportunities for the employment of their existing disciplinary expertise and qualifications, hence widening the cadre of interdisciplinary experts working in the broader field of medical engineering. The tutorial will provide a general overview and survey of the state of the art. This talk will lay out the contextual blueprint for the rest of the tutorial. Following this layout, expert speakers will take a closer view at major areas of issues in their respective field of specialty. Each talk will cover relevant theoretical and practical considerations, thereby providing a comprehensive picture of the problems, available solutions, and future directions of this field. In addition, internationally prominent clinical researchers in computer and robot assisted interventions will provide unique perspectives on a wide range of challenges and opportunities relevant to the ICABB researchers."

Tentative schedule:
  • Gabor Fichtinger, PhD Introduction to interventional robotics, robot-assisted prostate cancer treatment
  • Lena Maier-Hein, PhD Computer-assisted laparoscopic surgery: challenges, perspectives and limitations
  • Franjo Pernuš, PhD 3D/2D image registration–the enabling technology for image-guided medical interventions
  • Gernot Kronreif, PhD Surgical robotic systems—abdominal needle placement
  • Birkfellner Wolfgang, PhD Motion tracking in radio-oncology
  • Tamas Haidegger Medical robot systems’ accuracy, safety and validation


János said…
Tamás, örömmel olvasom nemzetközi sikeréről szóló beszámolóját, János

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