IGSTK User Group Meeting

The 3rd User Group Meeting for the Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) [I-G-stick] was held before the SPIE conference in Orlando.
"IGSTK is an Open Source software toolkit designed to enable biomedical researchers to rapidly prototype and create new applications for image-guided surgery. This toolkit provides functionalities that are commonly needed when implementing image-guided surgery applications, such as integration with optical and electromagnetic trackers, manipulation and visualization of DICOM datasets":
  1. a method for registration of the preoperative image to the physical space of the patient,  
  2. tracking for intra-operative localization of instruments,
  3. user interface that displays images and the position of instruments,
  4. a workstation that runs and connects the applications.
The meeting was run by Kevin Cleary, and besides, a lot of the users gave a brief intro from neuro to brachy and pediatric applications. The presentations are available at the event's site.
You can learn more about IGSTK at its wiki.


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