CIS Workshop presentations and videos

Our first International CIS Workshop ended with great success, everyone was enthusiastic about the lecturers presenting. They were kind enough to share their materials, so now you have a wonderful set of powerpoint presentations and videos. Enjoy, and comment, if you like it!
The abstract booklet is still under editing, and the presentations are gradually uploaded. You can check the original program here.

CIS Workshop presentations and videos
0 Haidegger: Origins of CIS
1 Bejczy: The dawn of robototic surgery at NASA--a personal experience
 2 Kazanzides: Evolution of surgical robotics
 3 Cleary: Computer-Aided Interventions and Medical Robotics in Interventional Radiology
 4 Kronreif: Robot Systems for Percutaneous Needle Placement
 5 Fichtinger: Pre-operative to intra-operative image guidance for prostate brachytherapy
 6 Maier-Hein: Intra-operative registration for computer-assisted medical interventions
 7 Pernus: Image registration: 2D/3D problems (article at Srpinger)
 8 Fichtinger: Radiation Oncology
 9 Pongrácz: Video Tracking in Clinical Environment
10 Benyó: High-speed, high-performance multi-modal imaging
11  Lassó: MR-guided prostate brachytherapy
12 Kovács: Telesurgery: a control theory approach
13 Meskó: The future patient
14 Takács: Anatomical ultrasound
15 Emirdağ: Collecting Environment Data during Surgery
16 Coban: Four channel double hand coil for MRI
17 Mironov: An estimation of inaccuracy in dosimetric data smoothing
18 Hanganu: System-on-Chip Solutions for Portable Medical Applications
19  Groch: In-vitro Evaluation of 3D Surface Reconstruction Techniques
20 Wéber: The modern tools and education of surgery
21 Haidegger: New trends in surgical robotics
22 Szaniszlo: In vivo mass spectroscopy for tissue analysis
23 Sirokai: Electromagnetic tracking in the medical environment
24 Pajkanovic: Proposed algorithm for wireless control of electric wheelchair by head movement
25 Nonnis: Blood cells extraction, recognition and counting using Matlab
26 Zukic: Haptic paddle in virtual reality applications
27 Verhagen: The advantages of new, computer based techniques of surgery
28 Albrecht: Carbon Nanotube Sensors
29 Nagy: Technical solution to support sterilization in the medical environment


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