AVRA Surgical's new robot

AVRA Surgical claims to have a surgical robot (for vascular applications) receiving CE mark very soon. However, nothing is really known about it.  Their chairman is Barry Cohen. Also, Dualis MedTech GmbH, a DLR spin-off and subsidiary of AVRA Surgical has just recently made an agreement with HeartWare to develop ventricular assist devices with wireless, transcutaneous energy transfer system (TETS) technology. Since Allaboutroboticsurgery.com has become a media partner of AVRA, more news might come from them.
"AVRA Surgical, Inc. is developing a surgical robotic system of a modular construction which offers a portable lightweight and maneuverable robotic solution not available in any system in hospitals today. We expect CE approval early in 2012 and will commence clinical trials in mid-2012.  The company´s approach to robotic surgery does not stop at the robot alone. The AVRA  method is to design the operating room specifically for robotic surgery and to coordinate the design of the operating table, lighting systems and surgical instruments as a single intuitive operating environment.  At AVRA Surgical, our goal is to improve the economics, efficiency and patient outcomes for all AVRA clients."

Breaking news: mystery solved. :) Updates will come soon. 

Source: AVRA


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