Revisiting Hopkins

Research at Johns Hopkins LSCR lab has always been a top priority, and for the better. Semester after semester great work is coming out from the folka. I was visiting my Hopkins firends latest in May.
They are the recepient of one of the Raven 2.0 systems distributed. Although it was badly damaged during shipping, by now it's up and operational, although not yet used to it's full capacity. (Read morre about the Raven's development here.) 
An eye-catching project is the 25 MPX Balaur display. ("The Balaur Wall's namesake is a mythological Romanian dragon with twelve heads.") The gigantic interactive screen is supposed to get commercialized soon.
This was the first time I saw the working teleoperation for MLI cutting with the da Vinci console. (Latest updates are in from RSS.) (The remote satellite servicing project was covered here before.)
The Steady-Hand Eye robot is developing nicely, NSF has an entire page devoted to it


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