IROS workshop on robot safety

An interesting workshop was organized at last IROS
"First real-world applications that incorporate physical Human-Robot Interaction have been put to operation. This new trend of introducing interactive robotic devices into the market that are capable of safe acting in unstructured dynamic environments, is certainly a main driving factor of nowadays robotics. Both, research and industry believe that direct physical interaction between humans and robots will enable novel applications and create new markets, to finally bring robots into our everyday life comprehensively. From the standardization side, there has been considerable effort in reflecting complex interaction into existing industrial robot standards and define close human-robot interaction for service robotics, which is still significantly evolving."
  • Safe surgical robotic system and workflow design in the ACTIVE project for awake neurosurgery
  • Classification Guidelines for Personal Care Robots Medical and non-medical applications
  • A concept for safe human robot cooperation in surgical applications based on 3D sensing
  • See the full proceedings!
Image credit: We Robot, conference on robot safety


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