Neurostar drill and injection robot for DBS

A friend of mine called my attention to this cute little neurosurgical robot system from Neurostar GmbH, said to be capable of replacing some of the big guys, such as NeuroMate. 
"The Drill & Microinjection Robot allows highprecision injection without recalibrating after drilling. After loading the syringe you can perform injections in subsequent animals without tool exchange and without recalibration - all in one step." See more in their brochure! Highlighted features:       
  • One Step Injection & Drilling     
  • Time Saving    
  • High-Throughput Experiments     
  • Atlas Integration     
  • Motorized Stereotaxic     
  • Highprecision Skulcup Cutout Drilling     
  • Multisite Microinjection     
  • Fully software driven  
  • Micrometer targeting accuracy

Image credit: Neurostar


Aaron Barnette said…
It looks similar to the neuro set up Mazor Robotics had approved.

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