ISO/IEC Workshop on Medical Robotics

Early February, we had a workshop at Stanford University, focusing on the state of the art of medical robotics, and current challenges our workgroup is facing dealing with a new medical robotics safety standard. 
Now the presentations are available at the CLAWAR website. 


Special thanks to the CLAWAR group for the support, Intuitive Surgical and Accuray for sponsorship and Prof. Ken Waldron, for hosting us!


דניאלה said…
Thank you for the post!
I have a question for you if you are kind to answer.
In Dr Catherine Mohr's presentation on Future applications of medical robots, what do the colors of the different companies represent in slide no. 12?
T. said…
I guess: yellow: prototype
turquoise: selling
pink: out of business.
The table could see a bit of update though...
דניאלה said…
Thanks! Yes, I came to this conclusion as well after a deeper look. And indeed it requires an update.

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