New add-on tactile feedback device for telerobotic sysems

We have reported before the efforts of the Cambridge Research group to create a low-cost, yet useful tactile feedback device for da Vinci-type surgeries. Recently, they have demonstrated the capabilities of the system with half-blinded object manipulation. Arguable, the sense of touch can add a lot of delicacy to the grabbing motions, but never forget the importance to provide extended/augmented vision at first. (Nevertheless, the fundamental issue of tactile information recording, i.e., picking up real 6 DoF information along a 3D object has not been solved yet.)
The new new device is a great add-on to existing setups, with a claimed very short adaptation time, and features such as:"
  • True, full-range tactile sensation
  • no impact on dexterity
  • direct or derived signalling
  • lightweight and cos effective
  • complimentary to vibro-tactile and force-feedback."

Demonstration of haptic-enhanced minimally invasive surgery techniques:


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