KidsArm - MDA's new robot for pediatrics

At first, MDA designed robotic arms for use in space. Then they teamed up with University of Calgary, and developed neuroArm. More recently, they have been focusing on pediatric robotics, (while still doing great stuff for space.)
"The company has partnered with the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to collaborate on the design and development of an advanced technology solution for pediatric surgery. Dubbed KidsArm, the sophisticated teleoperated surgical system is being specifically designed for operating on small children and babies. KidsArm is intended to be used by surgeons, in conjunction with a high precision real-time imaging technology, to reconnect delicate vessels such as veins, arteries, or intestines."They received originally a funding of $10M.

In December 2011, they brought a demo of KidsArm to Children's in DC that could be controlled remotely and extremely precise--even a new user can quickly become adept enough to pick up small objects. "The systems sends the user haptic cues, which means that a  virtual "sense of touch" is relayed to the user via the stick that is used to move the arm around. Ideally, this technology could be adapted to perform routine precise tasks, like sutures, in extremely small places. Visitors were able to use the robotic arm themselves to loop small plastic rings over a series of posts. It was a huge hit, and even made the local Abu Dhabi television."
They have also developed an Automated Laparoscopic Suturing Tool for the robot recently.

Image credit: Children's National, MDA


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