TransEnterix's SurgiBot

"The SurgiBot is a minimally invasive, patient-side robotic surgery system. The system is designed to utilize a small incision - often hidden inside the belly button. SurgiBot provides multiple channels to the surgeon capable of accommodating both rigid and flexible articulating instruments which offer dexterity in complex surgical tasks. The instruments are designed to give the surgeon needed strength and precision in an ergonomically comfortable manner while maintaining tactile feel. SurgiBot also integrates high-definition, three-dimensional visualization to restore the depth perception that's lost in traditional laparoscopic procedures. The system's size and mobility are designed for easy repositioning during multi-quadrant surgery. As a patient-side robotic system, the surgeon maintains direct access to the sterile field throughout the procedure. By integrating the benefits of advanced technology and visualization in a patient-side surgical system, TransEnterix (developer of SPIDER) believes the SurgiBot will advance minimally invasive surgery for patients, surgeons and hospitals.
The system utilizes flexible instruments through articulating channels controlled directly by the surgeon, with robotic assistance, at the patient's bedside. The flexible nature of the system allows for multiple instruments to be introduced and deployed through a single site. Advantages of robotic assistance that SurgiBot will seek to provide are:
  • Precision movement with scaling
  • Strength
  • Ergonomics
  • 3D Vision
Enhancements that SurgiBot will seek to provide compared to existing robotic platforms:
  • Surgeon remains patient-side
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Steerable 3D vision for the entire OR
  • Internal triangulation vs. crossing instruments at abdominal wall."
The company plans to submit a 510(k) application for clearance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the SurgiBot system later in 2014.
Source: TransEnterix


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