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We all remember ROBODOC, the first real orthopaedic robot performing human procedures. It has an edifying story from the business point of view--preceding its times by far. Now it's back, alive, and received FDA approval. Meet the THINK Surgical system!
"The TSolution OneTM Surgical System combines two exclusive innovations to produce a revolutionary technology. The system consists of TPLANTM, a 3D pre-surgical planning workstation and TCATTM, a computer assisted tool. Together, these two technologies bring an exceptional degree of accuracy to total joint replacements.
During surgery, the TCATTM tool’s patented software allows for CT surface-based registration of the patient’s distinct anatomy. Rather than identify landmarks, you select points in specified regions of the bony surface.
The registration system allows you to mill the bone precisely according to the pre-surgical plan. You control the TCAT tool through a hand-held pendant.
As an additional safety feature, the TCAT tool detects unintended bone motion after fixation and immediately halts the system. If bone motion occurs, the system is designed to recover the registration, thus allowing you to quickly restart and continue the procedure.
Expert surgeons are our partners. Our goal is to make sure their surgical expertise can be fully leveraged and their surgical plans carried out exactly as defined.
The system today is cleared by the FDA for orthopedic surgical procedures for hip in the U.S. The TSolution One core technology has been used in thousands of successful total joint replacements for both hip and knee worldwide."

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Source:THINK Surgical.


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