Clinical experience with the ALF-X

As presented in the previous post, ALF-X has already performed a series of human clinical trials. You can find more details about it below:
"So far, Professor Scambia's surgical team has performed about 150 interventions pertaining to hysterectomies and the removal of both ovaries; the patients had an excellent post-operative period void of any complications and a rapid return to their daily activities; no adverse events, intra-operative or remote complications were recorded.
ALF-X is a system that is also characterized as having an excellent cost/benefit ratio due to the re-usability of all the instruments. This is something that could make it a good choice for Institutions and useful for patients, aiming at effective cost management while keeping the highest level of safety and efficacy for both patient and surgeon.
Telelap ALF-X - Giovanni Scambia concludes - is therefore an innovative platform for the development of laparoscopic surgery and opens the door to a new era of minimally invasive surgery. The system is expected to become a valuable aid to the surgeon, offering a higher level of quality and safety during surgical procedures, with expected large-scale use and combining the quality and effectiveness of surgery with low operating costs."

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