GuidaBot: a new MR-compatible system

Prof. Tsekos' lab at the University of Huston have been developing various MR-compatible concepts for heart and needle procedures. Their latest device is now span off to GuidaBot LLC and gained a seed investment from Fannin Innovation
"GuidaBot LLC is developing a robotic manipulator designed to work within the powerful magnetic field of an MRI, allowing physicians to perform interventions using real-time MRI imaging for absolute precision.
GuidaBot’s force transmission mechanism and proprietary software component allow patients to remain in place within the MRI machine allowing for faster and more precise biopsy procedures. Currently, MRI-guided biopsy procedures call for the patient to be removed from the machine before placement of the needles can be made, increasing procedure time and costs.
“The company will initially focus on medical applications to treat several conditions, but interest from the energy industry has helped identify additional opportunities,” said Fannin managing partner Atul Varadhachary, M.D., Ph.D.
The technology was invented by University of Houston robotics expert and Director of the Medical Robotics Laboratory Dr. Nikolaos V. Tsekos. Backed by a $1.4 million National Science Foundation grant, research for the robotic system has been conducted in partnership with Houston Methodist."


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