Red Dot award for Hand-in-Scan

Well, this has nothing to do with surgical robotics, it is not even a classical medical design, yet I'm proud to announce here that our innovation and product, Hand-in-Scan got awarded! 
"The Hand-in-Scan Medical Trainer won the Red Dot design award in the category of “Design Concept” at the most important event of the global designer community. The hand hygiene education and control system was created as a result of a successful collaboration between Hand-in-Scan as developer and manufacturer and the Flying Objects team as designer.
The Red Dot, the “Oscar prize” of the designer world, delivers awards to products that are innovative, functional and durable, have additional value and can be used as an integrated system. The Red Dot is a top global design competition that recognizes excellence in creativity and competence in design. The award indicates the highest quality and aesthetic warranty for future customers and users.
During the development of the Hand-in-Scan hand hygiene monitoring system, the engineer team maintained a tight, exemplary cooperation with the design team. The collaboration began after the preparation and validation of the initial functional prototypes. The technical development encouraged upgrades in design and in certain cases, engineering decisions were influenced by the shape and form of the device. The Hand-in-Scan project proved that design is not mere aesthetics, but also a question of function. The design greatly affects how users will relate to the product, and this determines the usability as well.
The HandInScan Ltd. was founded in 2012 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as a spin-off company. In 2014, the team completed a clinical prototype of the “Hand-in-Scan” system, which has been tested with more than 15 thousand healthcare workers. The development was made in cooperation with BME and the AustrianCenter for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT). The system has already won several awards for innovation and business development."


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