Eye Surgery at KUL


K.U. Leuven is one of the best medical robotics institutes in Europe. For quite some years, they have been working on an eye surgery setup:
"Retinal surgery is one of the most challenging types of surgery because of the scale and the fragility of the human eye anatomy. Retinal Vein Occlusion (RVO) is a common retinal vascular disorder which may cause severe loss of vision. Retinal cannulation appears to be the most effective treatment, but given the small diameter of a retinal vein, it is too difficult and risky for a surgeon to perform this procedure manually. The surgeon suffers from limited positioning accuracy, tremor and poor force perception directly affecting the quality of the surgical procedure. This work focuses on the development of robotic systems for retinal surgery."
Now, they are also leading an EU consortium EurEyeCase.


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