New orthopaedic robot from Boston

A stealth-mode startup is developing a new spine robot in the Boston area, now making first news via their PR partner, the Mullings Group:
"The Mullings Group has partnered with a fantastic group up in Boston and we are assisting them in building out an amazing platform in the orthopedic space. I know there are other “Ortho-Bots” out in the market and some are garnering a lot of attention, but the team and system that our client has in development is going to shake things up.
We are currently building out their software team. Focusing on robotics, navigation UI / UX and a few other technologies I cannot divulge here. We will also be flushing out other functions in the organization in 2017 but right now, the focus is on expanding the existing team of rock stars in software. "
Source: LinkedIn


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