Future of medicine - robotics

A nice review article appeared from Bertalan Mesko about the upcoming technologies in invasive medicine:
"The future of surgery offers an amazing cooperation between humans and technology, which could elevate the level of precision and efficiency of surgeries so high we have never seen before.
Surgeons have to rethink their profession
Surgeons are at the top of the medical food chain. At least that’s the impression the general audience gets from popular medical drama series and their own experiences. No surprise there. Surgeons bear huge responsibilities: they might cause irreparable damages and medical miracles with one incision on the patient’s body. No wonder that with the rise of digital technologies, the Operating Rooms and surgeons are inundated with new devices aiming at making the least cuts possible.
We need to deal with these new surgical technologies in order to make everyone understood that they extend the capabilities of surgeons instead of replacing them. 
Surgeons also tend to alienate themselves from patients. The human touch is not necessarily the quintessence of their work. However, as technological solutions find their way into their practice taking over part of their repetitive tasks, I would advise them to rethink their stance. Treating patients with empathy before and after surgery would ensure their services are irreplaceable also in the age of robotics and artificial intelligence.
So, I collected the technologies that will have a huge impact on the future of surgery. 
  1. Virtual reality 
  2. Augmented reality
  3. Surgical robotics
  4. Minimally Invasive Surgery
  5. 3D Printing and simulations in pre-operative planning and education
  6. Live diagnostics
  7. Artificial Intelligence will team up with surgical robotics"
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