3D bioprinting directly onto moving human anatomy - exclusive from IROS17

 The IEEE/RSJ IROS2017 conference is happening in Vancouver this week, featuring the latest and greatest of medical robotics and CIS. Many other eye catching technologies are being featured as well, such as this bioprinting concept from Dr. Kowalewski's group at Uni. Minnesota.   
"This paper establishes the feasibility of robotically3D printing biomaterials such as alginate hydrogels onto movinghuman anatomy and a stationary plane. The alginate hydrogelsused are in-vivo compatible and a proven biomaterial for tissuescaffolds. We developed a control scheme for precision materialdeposition via piezo microjetting while tracking in real-time tocontinuously sense anatomy location and deposit material ina predefined trajectory derived from two pre-selected targetgeometries. We show that multilayer 3D structures can becreated on a moving human hand with 1.6 mm average errorand 87.8 % overall accuracy."

Source: O’Neill  et al. "3D Bioprinting Directly Onto Moving Human Anatomy", 2017Uni. Minnesota


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