Borns AI-powered surgical robots

Borns is one of the many MIS robotics company aiming to achieve autonomous surgical robot capabilities. They are supported by in house development and $18m VC money
"Borns Medical Robotic Inc., an advanced robotic surgery startup company that mainly focuses on AI medicine, has developed new minimally invasive surgical robot with own intellectual property to meet the surgical requirement in China.
Founded by Dr. Yao Li, a scientist at Stanford Robotics Lab., Borns is dedicated to advancing minimally invasive surgical robotics and their clinical application.
The company’s China headquarters is located in Tianfu Software Park and the R&D center is in Silicon Valley. The Borns team is made up of experienced roboticists and scientists from the biomedical engineering field, including the co-founder and CTO, IEEE Life Fellow, Dr. William Levine.
At present, quite a few businesses in China and worldwide, have started utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medicine. The work is divided into 2 categories: 1. medical diagnosis systems based on clinical big data and pathology imaging science, such as IBM’s Watson and Tencent’s Miying; and 2. medical devices, such as sensors collecting front-end signals for data analysis, high-performance AI processors, robotics, and automation systems.
According to Dr. Li, in every surgery there are huge amounts of real-time data, like vital signs, intraoperative images, surgeons’ manipulations, surgical instruments, etc. Borns robots use these sea of data, human machine interaction, and optimal control, to achieve accurate and minimally invasive robotic surgery. The “surgical brain”, acquired through deep learning, guides surgeons on decision-making and surgical assistance to enhance surgery accuracy and safety." 

Source: Wearable technologies


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