Recent advances at AVRA

"The proprietary intelligent AVRA Instrument Guidance System (AIGS) will bring precise navigation and accurate targeting to robotic surgery resulting in a Surgeon interfaced autonomous platform.
AVRA’s imaging technology will be capable of high-resolution, multi-dimensional imaging with incorporated scanning and registration.
Deep Learning
Inspired by biological neural networks, AVRA is working to incorporate artificial intelligence for enhanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities.
Platform Independent
AVRA’s technology will be flexible and applicable across a diverse range of medical disciplines.
Market Opportunity: Areas of Application
Beyond aesthetic medicine, AVRA’s platform independent design will allow expansion into a variety of medical fields, phase two being internal organ targeting. Procedures will include mapping, biopsy and tissue targeting. Where there is growing demand for procedures in soft tissue, neuro and spine surgery, AVRA will be there to meet it."

"AVRA has expanded its research and development engagement with the University of Central Florida. Andrea Adkins, Assistant Director in UCF’s Office of Technology Transfer, began a 9-month sabbatical at AVRA, assisting with intellectual property, licensing and product development.
Medical Robotics is still in its infancy and we believe that AVRA is well positioned to lead in Automation, Advanced Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Software Design to bring robotic surgery to various procedures now being done only by hand or by the mechanically manipulated devices, which currently are often referred to as Robots. But know are the owner of shares in a company that uses a REAL ROBOT (automation) and our mission is to bring computerized excellence and economy to surgery to benefit the ultimate subject…THE PATIENT.
We are proceeding with our first mission to implement our Robotic System in Dermatological Surgery, after which we plan to ROBOTIZE other FDA APPROVED Hand-Held instruments to improve patient outcomes in other areas of surgery and treatment. The AVRA System, which aims to provide practicing surgeons in various surgical fields with specialized software programs with which to simulate the procedure, observe its outcome prior to doing it, make any adjustments, and only then program the AVRA SYSTEM with its Intelligent Guidance System (IGS) to commence the procedure."

Source: AVRA, Press release 


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