Fun facts about the da Vinci

A couple of info pieces from Intuitive from a recent interview with Gary Guthart:
  • At Intuitive, around 10% goes into RnD annually. 
  • The key values admired are: efficiency, outcome and credibility.
  • Top features of the da Vinci and major breakthroughs coming:
    • Imaging: Use of computational capabilites for augmented user experience; sensorized intstruments, eg. the staplers IoT, AI support 
    • big data, offline data asessment, global benchmarking
    • surgical simulation, training, benchmarking
  • Computation capacity of the system:7 laptops centralized computational power + 50 iphone-like distributed capacity + 100 sensors
  • Most of the top 10 clinical centers, in terms of utilization of the da Vinci are in China.


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