The new Da Vinci Si system

Update: official video of da Vinci Si.
Today, Intuitive Surgical announced it's new da Vinci surgical system, called Si. The first press release does not tell much about the hardware development, but as the 4-arm da Vinci-S can be upgraded to Si, the new system might get wide-spread quickly. More details are available on Intuitive's website. The Si got the FDA approval in February, supporting its fundamental equivalence to the prior system. The major changes include the redesign of the master consol, introducing more ergonomic control (less buttons) and a multi-functional touch screen.
"The da Vinci Si System introduces several new features designed to provide additional clinical benefits and operational efficiencies: Enhanced 3D HD resolution offers superior visual clarity of target tissue and anatomy, potentially allowing for greater surgical precision; an updated and simplified user interface enhances operating room efficiency; newly upgradeable architecture and compatibility with existing OR suite technology facilitates the seamless integration of the da Vinci Si System into the OR of the 21st century; an optional dual console allows a second surgeon to provide a da Vinci-enabled assist and may also facilitate teaching da Vinci Surgery; and finally, the addition of new ergonomic settings to the surgeon console allows greater surgeon comfort during procedures. The da Vinci Si System retains and builds upon the core technology at the heart of the existing da Vinci(r) and da Vinci(r) S(tm) Systems. This includes advanced 3D HD visualization with up to 10x magnification, offering surgeons an immersive view of the operative field, superior to that offered by conventional surgical approaches; EndoWrist(r) instrumentation, providing da Vinci surgeons with natural dexterity and range of motion far greater than even the human hand; and Intuitive(r) motion technology, which replicates the operative experience and control of open surgery by preserving natural eye-hand-instrument alignment and intuitive instrument control."
"The Intuitive Surgical Endoscopic Instrument Control System (Model IS3000) is intended to assist in the accurate control of Intuitive Surgical Endoscopic Instruments including rigid endoscopes, blunt and sharp endoscopic dissectors, scissors, scalpels, ultrasonic shears, forceps/pick-ups, needle holders, endoscopic retractors, stabilizers, electrocautery and accessories for endoscopic manipulation of tissue, including grasping, cutting, blunt and sharp dissection, approximation, ligation, electrocautery, suturing, and delivery and placement of microwave and cryogenic ablation probes and accessories during urologic surgical procedures, general laparoscopic surgical procedures; gynecological laparoscopic surgical procedures, general cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular thoracoscopic surgical procedures, and thoracoscopically assisted cardiotomy procedures. The system is indicated for adult and pediatric use. The system can also be employed, with adjunctive mediastinotomy to perform coronary anastomosis during cardiac revascularization. It is intended for use by trained physicians in an operating room environment in accordance with the representative specific procedures set forth in the Professional Instructions for Use. "

More pictures are available at Intuitive.
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Jim said…
Yesterday, Sherman Health of Elgin, IL showcased this amazing new technology in action on Facebook and Twitter. A job well done!

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