Conferences ahead

The conference season has arrived yet again. We still remember the busy time spent at EMBC, MICCAI or BioRob, or with ICRA submissions, and now we are facing new heights:
  • Next week the 1st ICABB takes place in Venice (a report will follow)
  • IEEE IROS is coming right after (will be broadcasted here)
  • Prepare your best to submit to IPCAI (by mid December)
  • CARS accepts submissions till mid Jan.
  • IROS2011 will follow (mid Febr)
  • followed by EMBEC in Budapest
  • then MICCAI01 to be held in Toronto
  • EMBC is usually open till mid April
  • and the annual SMIT closes the queue.
Update: To the previous post "UTwente cyber-OR program".  Two short presentations on the TeleFlex project: - Design of Master for Telemanipulation System for Endo- /Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery
 - TeleFLEX Robotics for Flexible Endoscopic Surgery.

Anyone attending this lecture: Robotics in Surgery State of the Art? Let me know!

Image credit: Workshop of the "Methodical Robotics" at IEEE BioRob2010


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