IEEE Visualization Contest

"The IEEE Visualization Contest targets the field of multimodal visualization for neurosurgical planning. The primary challenge in planning neurosurgical interventions lies in the identification of the various structures at risk and understanding how they relate and interact with each other."  This year the Finals were e held at the IEEE Visualization 2010 in Salt Lake City, late October. 
  • Pre-Operative Planning of Brain Tumor Resections
Honorable mentions:
  • An Exploration and Planning Tool for Neurosurgical Interventions
  • Neurosurgical Intervention Planning with VolV
  • A Fiber Navigator for Neurosurgical Planning (NeuroPlanningNavigator)
  • The 3D Mousing Interaction Technique
  • Multivariate Beam Ray Obstacle Visualization for Brain Tumor Resection
  • Rendering data using three different methods
  • Quantitative Visualization of Access Paths for Preoperative Planning in Neurosurgery
  • Camera Control for Brain-Tumor Visualization
  • Distance Functions in Multimodal Volume Rendering


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