Teleoperation research at Keio University

Last week I was given a chance to visit Prof. Ohnishi's lab at Keio University. His laboratories stretch across three campuses of the University, and addresses research focusing on humanoid robotics, flying robot control, complex haptic feedback projection and bilateral teleoperation. This latter one is including a surgical robot setup for basic tissue manipulation. (See the video on the system.) The pure position encoder-based (acceleration measured) haptic feedback is very life-like, and offers great options for scalability.
"We recently launched the development of the surgical robot. In this project, we have successfully established the control law (Acceleration Based Control), which can reproduce the touch of environment in the operator side vividly. We also conducted an experiment using a couple of teleoperation robots over Internet with our partner institution in Europe. We apply our control method, which was initially developed mainly for the use of a surgical robot, to other teleoperation robots as well. For instance, the XY bilateral table pictured above allows an operator to feel “rubbing” and “cutting” actions. Combining various teleoperation robots mentioned above, we are eagerly conducting our research activity to achieve our aim, the development of a novel surgical robot system."
You can find more information about their work in the recent publications:


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