Intuitive's da Vinci simulator

Having realized the potential in robotic surgery training, Intuitive has released its portable da Vinci Skills Simulator, which can be attached to a da Vinci Si system. 
  • "The straightforward set-up allows users to practice unassisted or with supervision, according to their preference.     
  • Built-in metrics enable users to assess skills, receive real-time feedback and track progress.     
  • Administrative tools let users structure their own curriculum to fit with other learning activities in their institution.     
  • The open architecture of the system software allows for the future development and incorporation of additional practice modules."
The exercises include:
  • EndoWrist Manipulation
  • Camera handling and Clutching
  • Fourth Arm Integration
  • System Settings
  • Energy and Dissection
  • Full exercise list is here

A short video of the simulator can be found here. The official brochure is here.


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