CIS Workshop in Budapest

Finally, we are organizing a CIS Workshop in Budapest (May 17-24.), with the old fellows from MAVE (EESTEC LC Budapest), and the Biomed Lab at BME. All young colleagues' submissions are welcome! 10 more days to go. Accommodation, food and fun is all included in the very modest registration fee.
You can find the description, the application form and the preliminary program on the official website:
We are lucky to have a very strong international team of lecturers:
  • Dr. Gábor Fichtinger (Queens University)
  • Dr. Kronreif Gernot (ACMIT)
  • Dr. Peter Kazanzides (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Dr. Kevin Cleary (Children's National Medical Center, USA)
  • Dr. Wolfgang Birkfellner (Medical University of Vienna)
  • Dr. Lena Maier-Hein (German Cancer Research Center)
  • Dr. Franjo Pernuš (University of Ljubljana)
    The main sponsor of the event is SIEMENS Healthcare, ACMIT and Contact Singapore are also supporting.


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