Updates on the Amadeus surgical robot

Unfortunately, not a whole lot of information is leaked regarding the development of the Amadeus system in Canada, aimed to compete with the da Vinci. Some of the news allows us to sketch the way of their development. 
  • In April, Titan Inc. announced that they will use KUKA's lightweight arm for the setup. This is the commercialized version of the DLR III arm, with amazing capabilities and functions (7 DOF, fully sensorized, compliant). The LW is preferred solution for other surgical robotic setups as well (e.g. the Active FP7 project). It is also important feature that the KUKA robot does not use cable-drive, therefore does not collide with Intuitive's patents on that technology.
  • Back in March, the first prototype of their console started its user-tests.
  • Earlier, they outsourced some of the development tasks to Sagentia Inc.
  • Recently, the first concept-designs and images were released on Titan's website (see above), and now the company claims to have its first working prototype.
  • Strategic agreements have been made with Canadian hospitals for the trial of the system, once they have a clinically applicable prototype (within 12-24 months).
  • In an interview with founder and CEO (Dr. Rayman), he expressed their effort to make Amadeus more useful in telemedicine services, including education and informationsharing between sites.  They can rely on their massive experience from CSTAR. He believes the robot will be superior to da Vinci due to the redundant and compliant KUKA manipulators and to the use of more flexible tool shafts. (Which however, may also cause some problems in control--ed.) They plan to target bowel surgery and mitral valve repairs beyond the typical abdominal and urulogical procedures.
  • In the mean while, the financial news from the company reveal that they will need huge investment very soon to continue.
Updates: - first external image on the consol of the Amadeus
       - Titan partners with D&D video for advanced camera system development
       - More recent news on the system
       - Older article


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