Updates on the Alf-x robot

As time goes on, more details have leaked from SOFAR about the development of the ALF-X system., and apparently it has also been used in clinical trials. While the website of the robot is not fully functional yet, a newly released brochure tells more details about its capabilities. Some of the more interesting features:
  • sensorized classical laparoscopic tools as master controllers
  • trocars can be located anywhere on the patient, depending on the procedure, the patient’s positioning or the inclination of the operating
  • the basic setup alreaday contains 4 robots (they all have mobile platforms, with range scanners for basic safety)
  • the forces applied by the instruments are finely controlled and limited, thus avoiding the risk of  breaking the thread during knot tying
  • it is equipped with an eye- tracking system  to efficiently control the  endoscopic view by moving any viewed area to the centre of the screen. 
  • The eye-tracking system also enables activation of the various available instruments by merely looking at their respective icons on the screen.
  • quick docking and the quick displacement of the manipulators.
Source: NES Academy
Updates on the system
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