Amadeus Composer and Maestro

Updates for the Canadian Amadeus system! 
from August shows some interesting data. 
There will be two systems developed: first the Amadeus Composer, then the Maestro. They see the opportunity to place 6000 of the Composers world wide, each consuming 2-300 tools a year. (Supposedly that means 2-3000 operations, which is a little optimistic IMHO.) Amadeus will primarily target ENT, thoracic and general surgery, with app. 1.5M cases annually in the US. 
Titan plans to offer maintenance and servic contract for $150K/year, which is pretty much equivalent to Intuitive's current model. Titan has 3 US patents, and 6 other pending. They aim to get into human trials in late 2013, and submit FDA 510(k) application in late 2014, when some of Intuitive's key patents expire.
Some of the advanced features thought to provide competitive edge:
  • Snake-like flexible tools
  • TCP/IP based communication for telesurgery 
  • Full HD 3D vision system
  • Force feedback
  • Simulator for training.
Titan Medical (TMD) went public in June at TSX Venture, and raised $9.5M funding (to support its monthly >$1M expenses). Current stock prices are at $1.59., estimated market value is $90M (versus Intuitive's $14.4B). Nowadays, Titan is hiring its Sicentific Advisory Board.


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