Updates on the Vesalius/Huatuo robot

The Vesalius robot's idea came from Dr. Tang, who dreamed for an easy toolholder robot. During his years at K.U. Leuven, he completed the project, and just a month ago, he presented the second, market-ready prototype in Taiwan, ready to go to hospitals for further trials. This second version--named Huatuo--was designed and manufactured in a record time, just in time for the Taiwan Technologies of the Future Exhibition. "The new version, which was developed at a cost of about $50,000 US, is more compact, and its position is more adjustable, according to Tang. The prior version weighed about eleven kilograms. Tang also said be hopes one advantage of a Taiwanese-made device would be its affordability- less than $12,000, Tang speculated."
The timeline of the system development:
  • 2000 Kick off Robot Assisted Surgery Group in K.U.Leuven
  • 2002~ Demonstration IWI/DWI laser ablation
  • 2004 Comparison test, Animal test
  • 2006 IDO project funded by K.U.Leuven (4 years)
  • 2008 Laser Surgical Robot Task Force (LSRTF)
  • 2009 LSR named VESALIUS
  • ~     ARCM patent application
  • ~     VESALIUS first debut in UZ Leuven
  • ~     VESALIUS Robot BP version 1
  • 2010 Best commercial BP in Start Academy
  • ~     VESALIUS Camera holder animal test
  • ~     VESALIUS Robot BP version 2
  • ~     VESALIUS Robot incubation plan
  • ~     VESALIUS Robot in ICT2010
  • VESALIUS branches three ways:
A brief comment on Huatuo: “The IP belongs to the University of Leuven. Now they are preparing to sign the the memorandum of understanding with me” Tang explained.


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