Telelap ALF-X moves ahead

Sofar's Telelap ALF-X system can now be found on facebook as well. Check out their gallery for recent medical demo shots. Also, you can now download their brochure.

"The Telelap ALF-X is equipped with an eye-tracking system that controls the endoscopic view by moving any point looked at to the center of the screen.  The eye-tracking system enables activation of the various available instruments by merely looking at their respective icons on the screen. The Telelap ALF-X is designed for endoscopic interventions in surgery, gynaecology, urology and thoracic surgery, thanks to its modularity, adaptability and cost-e ectiveness of its surgical instruments. Due to the haptic feedback, the Telelap ALF-X enables the perception of the consistency of tissues and the forces exerted by the surgical instruments, as for instance when suturing knots.  The Telelap ALF-X enhances surgical dexterity due to its easy coordination between the hand and the instrument, motion scaling and 3D vision."
The first clinical (porcine) studies with the system:


Carina Vargas said…
what are the references for the figure with the clinical trials? I don't seem to be able to find them any where.
T. said…
A presentation from Emilio Ruiz from Dec. 2011: Un sistema universal de telemanipulacion con sensacion tactil para la cirugia endoscopic. Unfortunately, it has been removed from the web.

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