Intl. Workshop on Medical Robotics at PoliMi

Just a week after BioRob, we had the pleasure to be back to Italy, hosted by the Politecnico di Milano (the great group of Prof. Ferrigno), within the frames of the one-day International Workshop on Medical Robotics. This was organized in conjunction with the ISO TC184 JWG9 standardization committee's (on Safety Regulations for Medical Robots) most recent meeting. (A later post will cover that as well.) The workshop was covering various areas of medical robotics, and also scheduled time for some panel discussion at the end. You can access all presentations below, or on the workshop's website:
  • "Robot standardization" by Prof. Gurvinder S Virk
  • "Machinery Directive vs Medical Device Directive"by Cornelia Beck and Saeed Zahedi
  • "Why standardisation?" by Carol Herman
  • "Regulators view on medical robots" by Capt. Karen Siegel
  • "Medical Robots in USA" by Prof Marco Zenati
  • "The da Vinci surgical system" by Mike Yramategui
  • "Medical robots in France" by Prof. Philippe Poignet
  • "Medical robots in Japan" by Dr Kiyoyuki Chinzei
  • "Medical robots in Central Europe" by Tamas Haidegger
  • "Radio therapy systems" by Thomas Jakob
  • "Robotic Surgery and Rehabilitation" by Prof Jeon Il Moon
  • "Rehabilitation Robots" by Burkhard Zimmermann
  • "Medical robots in UK" by Prof Peter Brett
  • "Medical Robots in Italy" by Prof Arianna Menciassi and Elena Troia PhD
  • "A surgeon's view on medical robots" by Prof. Raffaele Pugliese


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