The Indian MAXIO system

The Indian Perfint Healthcare Corporation has just released its MAXIO system, the newest in the line of award-winning robotic devices for IGS. (ROBIO was launched in January.) MAXIO is an integrated planning, navigation and robotic targeting system for CT Guided tumor ablation. "It combines tumour visualisation in 3D and procedure planning with robotic targeting that helps clinicians achieve consistent procedure quality. With visualisation, planning and needle placement key to delivering thermal or other energy beams to blast the tumour, the Maxio helps clinicians perform the ablation procedure safely and with consistent quality outcomes. MAXIO was developed through support under the BIPP scheme of the Department of Biotechnology and meets the best-in-class standards globally. The product complies with CE marking requirements."
Previously, a CT-guided system--PIGA--was developed for drug delivery and pain management.
"PIGA (Precise Intelligent Guiding Arm) is a software driven device mounted on the ground by the side of the CT table. CT images acquired in DICOM format are sent to PIGA console where the radiologist marks the target point and the point of entry on the image, and enters the length of the needle to be used. With the click of a button, the arm is set to move over the patient. A needle-holder at the end of the device accepts the needle, which when pushed with the hand ensures that the needle is inserted only up to the desired point.
Highlights of the system:
  • Decision on optimal points to place electrodes and antennae into large tumours for complete and quick overlapping ablations 
  • Accuracy of needle placement 
  • The radiation dose to the patient is minimis ed by reduction in the number of needle passes
  • Drastically reduces procedural pain and discomfort 
  • Radiologist is not exposed to any radiation, as needle insertion is done without real-time imaging"
Check out some case studies, or their image gallery!


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