Clear Guide ONE - a Hopkins spin-off

The Clear Guide ONE is a complete system built around a portable ultrasound machine with integrated tracking and guidance.
The Clear Guide ONE combines a full-featured ultrasound device with the smallest navigation solution on the market. No sensor attachments, no cumbersome wires, no calibration. It is small enough to be portable,  the whole system is composed of a small touchscreen module, the handheld probe itself, and a cable. The ultrasound machine's carrying grip can be used to move the whole system, without any disassembly. A single cable is added to connect the Clear Guide SuperPROBE to its Clear Guide BASE Unit. Clear Guide's technology tracks probe, patient, and tools relative to each other, using low-cost local sensing methods [SPIE 2011] [SPIE 2012].
"The Clear Guide ONE is currently being used in a variety of trials (phantom, ex- and in-vivo animals) to collect data for FDA 510(k) clearance. Clear Guide Medical expects this process to be completed by the end of 2013."
The company is being incubated in Johns Hopkins University's FastForward accelerator. (More videos and press materials are here.)

Source: Clear Guide


PJS said…
Hello T.,

thanks for mentioning us! You're driving quite a bit of traffic our way...
Next week, we'll be at RSNA launching two new products - the Clear Guide ONE and the Clear Guide EDU. Watch out!
T. said…
Cool! Drop me an update, and I'll be happy to cover those.

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